Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bitcoin and Altcoins Investments : The Digital Era (Chronicle) Banner
Disclaimer Invest at your own risk. 

When I first heard of bitcoin it was back in early 2013 and that how my obsession started this may change the future of humanity how we chosen to manage are finances and trade but there much innovation being build around this new economic system.
Digital Currency I think is here to stay but is it really real this a question I found asking myself at the first glance.
 I feel like we are now witnessing how the Internet evolve tangible Media and information to the Digital frontier. I been research bitcoin and Litecoin and whole list of great Alt-coin in past eight months.
I just started to invest in the last recent months I am basically still a newbie.

Bitcoin is challenging the way the world is viewing finance a community can now become a self economy this could mean freedom from fiat banking and all the world governments.If you not a tech savvy person there could be a overwhelm learning curve if you welling to take a chance and join revolution below is summary how to get started if you interest.

The two main algorithms programs that the currency run off of are call Sha-256 and Scrypt and there few other Alt-coins that are running off of  a few more Advance algorithms but let try to keep this post as simple as possible.

Litecoin is running on Scrypt and there whole list of altcoin which keep growing everyday.
First thing first get a wallet 

online and cold storage wallets

links to more wallets on different platform.

  The main ways of gathering coins

  1. PTC or GPT for bitcoin or faucets 
  2. Selling or offer a service.
  3. Digital currency trading sites for example c-cex or bter,allcrypt,allcoin.
  4. Mining is become popularity at the moment and with Sha-256 and Scrypt Asic miner hardware which is the better way to get a profit in the short term.Also the fact there a limiting supply of bitcoin that doesn't help Latecomer if this trend continue running a cheap rig with the rising of the difficulty it well never be profitable.My opinion the smart thing to do is to mining altcoin and exchange them on trading platform like cryptsy or pools that convert for you to Bitcoin or Litecoin.
  5. here a link to few of my favorite pools -
  6. There is a easier way to mine it cloud mining there a few banners referring to them feel free to click on them which well link you to the sites. I find that to be the most cost effect way so far and it save you on the Electric bill which is the big pro for it and having not to invest on Gpu or Asic hardware is also very awesome.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

DonkeyMails Review (2014)

Donkeymails is (Pay To Click) PTC and TE (Traffic Exchange) they also PTP (Pay to Promote) as well as PTR(Pay to Read).The site is not a very flashily one but in my opinion that not a bad thing.
 Donkeymails screen shot
Because members can visit donkeymails pretty mush on any device that is at least four years old. Donkeymails pay standard members between 0.001 to 0.0025 on the PTC side of earn on the site or you can earn points to use on there Traffic Exchange.I been using the site for few months now and i gotten pay once so far.
Pro's Free Bitcoins every 24 hours
  • Members can Earn in many ways on the site like the Traffic exchange side.Members can earn points with luck also a bonus 0.001 it happen every few clicks.
  •  Member can earn by ptc just clicking the ads for cash or points.
  • Most common way is PTR per email 0.0025.
  • Members can cash out at $1.00 on paypal donkeymails also accept some less known e-wallets.
  • This opportunity available worldwide. 
  • Earn with your Direct Referrals. 
  • There more way to earn with offer


  • Members have to login at least once month to stay active. 
  • Members can't rent referrals.
  • This site pay very little so take some time to cash out.

  1. You may want to start promoting donkeymails right a way so you can grow your referrals and course in return your earning.
  2. If you have a systematic way when login into the site then a member may find it easier and less like work when earn that extra income. 
  3. Time is money so my advise is you may have to use a few different sites to earn more at same time also use them for promoting others opportunities.
Please feel free to click on any banner if you interested and join.I well also help you get your first few referrals. Overall Donkeymails is decent opportunity with potential to earn a standard member a few dollars to start with. Donkeymails Could possible make you more it all just depend on your downline and how hard there working. No Minimum Payout

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Neobux Review (2014)

This review is coming from a standard member no investment needed for Neobux it is one of the top PTC sites around.I been a member of the site for over two years now and also had been pay several times but I am not rich just yet.

Neobux is pretty much no more then a GTP site it gives members a few ways to earn income by doing tasks or just watching videos payment do varies this side of the program.Pay to click area pay you to click ads for around 10 seconds 0.001 or 20 seconds extended ads for 0.01.10 which you can find that all depend on when you login on neobux server.

Well there be a Chance for member to become a person making six figures from neobux?Only time would tell it take myself a few minutes to check my statistics and click a few ads and with a good plan it maybe possible to make a decent living with just one ptc site.
  • Neobux is a very easy site to navigate through.
  • Members can invest money or points as well as the member balance can be use to rent referrals.
  • Neocoin is the site currency which you can convert to your of choice of e-currency wallet that they accept Paypal,Payza,Neteller.
  • Clicks on the Ads prize section which give members a chance to win points or cash for playing. 
  • Payout are instant,  
  • Neobux had been around for six years.
  • This opportunity can help members earn income worldwide.
  • Members need to login at least once a month to stay active.
  • Members also need to click at least four ads from each category to gain earning from there referrals. 
  • Standard members can cash out but payout keep rise in till you reach $10.00.
Neobux is a good site to start with for beginner free to join and earn some extra income.Course it take longer if you a standard member and with no direct or rents referrals.My overview rating it is a 8/10. Banner

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Clixsense Review (2013)

Clixsense is easily becoming one of my favorite GPT website.I join this seven years ago company six month ago and I already cash out once so far working on the second payment as I typing this.Reading this review you may thinking to yourself I can really get pay for viewing websites the answer is a big yes.This review is coming from a member who has not invest in this company yet.
The PTC side of Clixsense pays between a range from 0.001 to 0.01 for as long as 3 to 30 seconds.
GPT side the usually tasks and watching music videos as well as ads also surveys that range from 0.02 to as high as $5 or could be more.
Standard members can cash out at Minimum $8.00 Premium $6.00 for PayPal or Payza
check $10 USA and Canada Mexico or intentional check are at $100.       

  • pros Payment can be by check or PayPal,Payza   
  • very active forum 
  •  Daily Checklist bonus at the end of the day
  • The ptc side is the best way to earn on clixsense because there always ads available and you don't have to spend that much time on the site.
  • There is also click ads game for 20 chances to win up to $5.
  •  GPT side take a few seconds to a hour it just depend on what you doing on the site.
  •  affiliates program in place.
  • Cons you can't rent Referrals
  •  There is a fee of up till %2 when you cash out for standard and premium members.
  •  Electronic cash outs processed 2 times a week, on Monday and Friday.
  •  Checks are mailed only once a month on or before the 10th of the month. 
 my rating for site is a 8/10 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

SurveySpot Review (2013)

I been a member for SurveySpot just over a year as of now.I have already cash out three times so far working on my fourth payment.SurveySpot is own by Survey Sampling International this company has a few others web base marketing research companies that started up in 2001.
Participates can get entries into sweepstakes with SurveySpot by completing surveys.A person can then redeem the points for paypal or Amazon credit. No Minimum Payout
  • Pros: Personal they email me all the time tip - use a second email for money making opportunities.
  • There is a point system for the surveys they range form 5 to 500 points that what I seen myself so far. 
  • Time frame per survey ranges from five to sixty minutes and the specific are in the  emails they send to you but except when the survey expire that a big pro with me so a person can be able to plan ahead to take that survey.
  • pay out can be done when you reach 1,000 points which equal to $10 that the minimum.
  • PayPal deposit are very quick no more then a fives minutes. 
  • Cons: This could take a long time or not it up to you set goals and try your best to reach them.
  • SurveySpot doesn't offer a refer program.
  • only join if your living in the United States.
  • WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
  • I now keep a log with all of the programs that I am a current a member of in the background in till I get close to payout.Then I focused on a few at a time it help make it feel less overwhelming.Work smarter not harder I live by that saying.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Surveyhead aka ipoll Review No Minimum Payout
Survey head is one of the most recently site I got paid from. This company is been around for just over six years.A person can get paid for just there opinion on stuffs from how you shop in different environment and etc.Surveys Time frame are as short as five minutes or as long as a hour,Payment ranges from USD 0.50 to $15 you can start to redeem your reward at $10. If you want cash just go for the $35 payment or $50 though paypal must be a link to primary bank account.
  • no incentive for not qualifying for a survey.
  • Also pending credit per survey can take a few days or weeks to be credited. 
  • Payment at least form paypal take as long as a four weeks .
  • The company has a mobile app.
  • Sign up and get $5  
  • North America, Europe 
  • Young as 18 can join the company and start making money, 
  • There refer program it just starter but I know very little about it a update to this blog once I find out more information. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

MySurvey Review (2013)

I really like this site but it only has a point system and you can redeem for paypal starting at 1100 points which equals to $10. There is also a catalog with DVDs, Blu-Rays, and much more. All US residents age fourteen can sign up. 

Surveys range from 30 to 500 points, that's what I have seen so far. I Heard it can get up to 1000, there are also many sweepstakes and raffles that you can join for an opportunity to win prizes. has proven to be a legitimate company with solid support for its members.

You can also make points by referring friends who might be interested in opportunity to earn yourself 150 Reward Points for inviting a friend.

If you want to join Mysurvey place your name and email on the form above. it is one of the largest survey panel  MySurvey the company has been in business since 1946 and website was created in 2001.

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